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Attorney Louis Mussari is a former prosecutor-turned-criminal defense attorney. He is fierce in the courtroom, meticulous in his work and dedicated to your defense. When you are in trouble with the law and your freedoms are at risk, work with a defense attorney who knows what the prosecution is thinking and teaches other defense attorneys how to do their jobs.

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Criminal Defense Underscored By Experience

Criminal defense requires a highly strategic mind and an unparalleled level of attention to detail. When your defense attorney analyzes your case, they need to anticipate the other side, take a realistic accounting of the evidence against you and make quick and well-considered decisions about your legal tactics. There is a reason that Louis Mussari has been successful in defending people accused of rape, murder and robbery.

Because he is a former prosecutor with nearly 10 years of defense experience, he is well aware of the legal tactics that prosecutors use to intimidate or implicate you in a charge. Moreover, he utilizes effective techniques to prevent them. As a faculty member of the University at Buffalo, he instructs up-and-coming lawyers every day on how to give the accused the best chances against prosecutors.

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