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When You Are Facing Criminal Charges, Go To An Attorney Who Does Not Back Down

A felony criminal charge is high stakes, and a conviction can mean years in jail, thousands of dollars in fines and fees, and a lifetime of struggle.  You are at a crossroads, and what you do next will determine the course of your life.

At Louis C. Mussari, Attorney at Law, you have a unique set of resources. Work with attorney Louis Mussari and give yourself the chance to get back on track. His legal acumen can be the difference between a terrible outcome and walking away from court with your future still ahead of you. Before you say anything to the police, make sure you have Louis Mussari at your side. Call 716-430-2147.

Attorney Louis Mussari Crafts A Strong Defense

Felony crimes lead to at least a year in prison and often much longer. They also come with a long list of consequences, like not being able to get public assistance, disqualification for many jobs and revocation of your rights to own guns or to vote.

Louis Mussari has helped clients across western New York obtain dismissals, reduced sentences and other positive outcomes during felony cases. He actively takes on defense work involving:

While the firm focuses on felony crimes, with years of experience prosecuting crimes in western New York, Louis Mussari can also capably defend those faced with misdemeanor crimes. Some of the case types he handles regularly include:

  • Vehicle violations and traffic matters
  • Petty larceny
  • Trespassing
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Indecent exposure
  • Vandalism
  • Shoplifting
  • Stalking
  • Forgery
  • Simple possession of a controlled substance

Louis Mussari analyzes your case with a fine-tooth comb, looking at all the evidence and identifying weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Before You Answer Any Questions, Pick Up The Phone

The sooner you call Louis C. Mussari, Attorney at Law, the more time Louis Mussari has to protect your rights and build the strongest possible defense. Contact him at his office in Buffalo at 716-430-2147 or send him an email.