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Former Prosecutor Defending Against Drug Crime Charges

If you have been charged with a serious drug crime in New York, you know how serious the situation is. Prosecutors fight these cases aggressively, often seeking maximum possible sentences and throwing multiple charges at the accused. You need to fight back just as aggressively. There is no better weapon to win your criminal defense case than a former prosecutor who knows how to win.

At the law firm of Louis C. Mussari, Attorney at Law, you will find a lawyer who knows how to win. Buffalo attorney Louis C. Mussari spent nearly a decade serving as a criminal prosecutor in the Erie County District Attorney’s office. That experience gives him and all the firm’s clients a remarkable edge in criminal trials because he knows how the other side handles these cases. He knows how to find errors and break down a prosecutor’s case. If there is any way to get your case dismissed or to minimize the sentences you could face, attorney Louis C. Mussari will find it.

Possession Charges

Narcotics possession and sales: In New York, illegal drug possession generally is called the crime of criminal possession of a controlled substance. The severity of the criminal charge and the corresponding penalties for a conviction come in varying degrees based on the type of drug involved and the weight. These crimes range from a Class A misdemeanor all the way to a Class A-1 felony, a conviction for which brings 20 years imprisonment.

Sale Of Drugs And Trafficking

Criminal sale of a controlled substance is a serious criminal charge in New York. For larger amounts of a serious controlled substance, defendants can face drug trafficking charges, which bring significant fines and jail time. Also, possession of a very large amount or possession with additional evidence can lead to charges of possession with intent to deliver.

Another related crime involves the cultivation or manufacture of a controlled substance. These charges can involve everything from growing small amounts of marijuana to large operations manufacturing prescription opioids, fentanyl, cocaine, heroin and other synthetic drugs.

Marijuana Laws In New York

New York has some interesting marijuana laws. Although the drug is generally legal in the state, possession of more than four ounces is a crime. In fact, it’s a Class-D felony – criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Weapons Enhancements

Drug crimes are often elevated to more serious charges when weapons are found on the scene. When the police find firearms in conjunction with drug crimes, the charges can become much more severe.

Providing Strong, Strategic Defense

There are numerous avenues to explore when fighting drug charges. In many cases, the police violate the rights of the accused which, if used by the defense attorney, can invalidate evidence and destroy a prosecutor’s case. Also, prosecutors often throw additional charges onto a case to make it more difficult to negotiate and plea down. A good defense lawyer can see through this tactic and eliminate bunk charges.

In many cases, including first-offense and nonviolent drug offenses, there are alternative sentencing programs available to get treatment, minimize fines and, most importantly, avoid imprisonment.

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