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Practice Areas

Drug Crimes

In the state of New York, drug crime laws are particularly strict. A drug offense conviction can have a lasting impact on your record, affecting your life and future. It’s essential to work with an experienced attorney to fight back against these charges and protect your future.

Sex Offenses

Sex offenses can ruin your personal and professional reputation. It can also impact where you are able to live. It’s crucial to vigorously contest any sex crime charges to avoid this outcome.

Gun Crimes

Gun crimes involve possession and suppression. Hire an experienced attorney who understands how possession can change your case.

Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes can follow you throughout your entire life. Hiring the right attorney can change the projection of the rest of your life following a violent crimes charge.

Theft & Burglary

All criminal convictions are bad, but a theft crime conviction can be particularly negative. Theft crimes are considered “crimes of moral turpitude,” which means it reflects negatively on your character. You need to avoid a conviction at all costs.

Juvenile Offenses

Based on the age of the offender, there are protections granted under the law that are not available for adults.

DWI/DUI Defense

At the Louis C. Mussari Law Firm, we understand the stress and uncertainty that come with facing DWI/DUI charges. Our deep knowledge of DWI/DUI laws allows us to provide you with a robust defense, aimed at minimizing penalties and safeguarding your rights.

Fraud & White Collar Crimes

Fraud, embezzlement and other white collar crimes usually involve a lot of money and are usually charged as serious felonies with major fines and long prison sentences attached to convictions. You need an attorney with the experience, knowledge and tenacity to defend you successfully.

Every Case Is Important

Whether you are facing misdemeanor charges or a prospective life sentence for a major felony, Louis C. Mussari treats your case seriously. He goes above and beyond to gather all the evidence available to build a steadfast case that the prosecution cannot strongarm away. He has extensive experience with serious criminal allegations such as murder, rape, assault and battery, weapon offenses, drug trafficking, drunk driving and identity theft.

Ask Yourself: Can You Afford Not To Call?

Photo of Louis C. Mussari

Do You Know Your Rights?

Everyone likes to think they know their legal rights and that they will know what to do when the police come knocking. In reality, the criminal justice system is full of pitfalls that could harm your case. Without an experienced, vigilant attorney, you may be making crucial mistakes that put your freedom in jeopardy.

Louis Mussari is a former prosecutor who understands what is at stake and how to protect you. He is a professor at the University at Buffalo, where he instructs others in criminal defense strategies. He draws on his decade of prosecutorial knowledge to build defense strategies that anticipate the other side’s moves, and the legal community respects him for it.

Serious Matters Require Serious Experience

A client facing two Class D felonies for criminal possession of cocaine and intent to sell in Buffalo, NY, hired Louis Mussari based on stellar Google reviews. Labeled as a persistent offender and facing 20 years to life in prison, the client benefited from Mussari’s aggressive plea negotiation.

Protect Your Rights. Protect Your Future.

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